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Pourboy Espresso Cafe Reviews

Pourboy Espresso

26 Wharf Street,Best coffee shop & cafe Brisbane CBD, Queensland 4000, Australia

Open until 4:00pm today

@pourboyespressoWebsite07 3172 1141

89 Reviews

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  • 8.4

    23 reviews  ·  1 month ago

    Had a cold brew. Was very nice. Would of liked to tried it without sugar.
    But the service was super friendly and asked me how everything was.

  • 8.5

    5 reviews  ·  1 month ago

    Perfect piccolo. Milk was smooth and perfect temperature. I over heard the barista talking to another staff member about dosing. It was pleasant to hear their attention to detail. They were fine tuning in the grind/dose and weren't settling for average. What resulted was a very nice piccolo. Didn't... Read more

    1 Piccolo

  • 6.8

    15 reviews  ·  2 months ago

    Great Service, Nice little shop. Found the coffee a bit average. The milk was very runny (thin) and had no substance to it. Generally, I expect a Flat White to have a bit of "creaminess" to it. When I asked the manager about why the coffee was like this, he suggested I try a cappuccino. hmmm. I... Read more

    1 Flat White, 1 Flat White

  • 8.0

    226 reviews  ·  1 year ago

    Love this place - always great service and wonderful coffee. Had a perfect series of piccolos combined with a delicious breakfast.

  • 7.8

    142 reviews  ·  11 months ago

    Well it took me awhile to get here and dragged the other half too. Place was humming and yet, I was acknowledged and served really quickly. Coffee looked pretty good, not as awe inspiring as say the cup your presented at Ltd, Dandelion & Driftwood, Campos or Cup....but nice. Other half wasn't... Read more

    2 Flat Whites, 2 Flat Whites

  • 8.5

    117 reviews  ·  3 months ago

    Set just inside 26 Wharf, I like the outside area which is above the vehicle and pedestrian traffic. Fit-out is stylish and modern with an open kitchen which takes nothing from the atmosphere while the Synesso/Mecca combo is hard to beat. Regular coffee is a 150ml cup, well presented, smooth and... Read more

  • 7.5

    116 reviews  ·  2 years ago

    This is a busy cafe on Wharf Street, it's full of energy and you can feel it when you walk in. The noise of the chairs and conversations add it to the great smells of their baked goods. You can tell that the customers appreciate good coffee. I got a short mac and it had a malty feel that... Read more

    1 Short Macchiato

  • 8.0

    83 reviews  ·  7 months ago

    Did a quick visit to Pourboy late in the afternoon for a piccolo and a slice a banana bread. Service was quick, and my coffee arrived in a short time. Coffee was flavoursome and enjoyable. A great end to my Brisbane CBD coffee venture.

    1 Piccolo

  • 8.5

    55 reviews  ·  5 months ago

    For the full review and fabulous photos visit For many working people, Pourboy Espresso in the Brisbane CBD is an easy to access Mecca for their morning coffee. It also provides easy access to Mecca coffee in the heart of Brisbane. For 3 little beans who work out of town, it... Read more

    5 Pour Overs

  • 8.3

    201 reviews  ·  11 months ago

    I wasn't so impressed when I tried Pourboy last year. Service was OK, rather cold, maybe because I visited just after busy lunch time, so staff wanted to relax a little. My friend recommended me to try them again saying both coffee and services had been improved a lot. I went there one afternoon,... Read more

    3 Skinny Flat Whites

  • 6.8

    52 reviews  ·  1 year ago

    Part of my brisbane cafe tour. Had an espresso (house blend) and flatwhite. Not bad at all. Breakfast was good too. Prefect eggs.

  • 8.8

    41 reviews  ·  3 years ago

    I've had the pleasure of drinking many of Mecca Espresso's single origins so I already had high expectations when I heard Pourboy Espresso was going to be the first espresso bar in Brisbane to be using Mecca Espresso beans and I was not let down. Pourboy serves up a mecca house blend consisting... Read more

  • 9.0

    49 reviews  ·  9 months ago

    As good as espresso gets. Seriously. Absolutely unbelievably great espresso this morning, equal to anything I've ever had anywhere.

  • 9.5

    42 reviews  ·  3 years ago

    What a coffee experience, an asset to Brisbane. Gotta check it out..That boy can pour!

  • 8.3

    25 reviews  ·  3 years ago

    Coffees were both great. I would say definitely a cut above many brisbane CBD cafes. And the muffin... was amazing! I really hope they keep making the muffins fresh every day... it was probably the best muffin i've ever had. Keen to go back and try some alternative coffee brew methods and more... Read more

  • 5.5

    27 reviews  ·  1 year ago

    Had a latte and lunch special. Very friendly waitress. Food is great but the coffee is just a bit above average. Busy place, do be prepared to talk louder. Don't like the chef shouting in an open kitchen style. Totally ruin my coffee experience!

  • 8.5

    23 reviews  ·  1 year ago

    Good find, thanks Beanhunter, you are a true traveler's friend. great coffee. great service.

  • 8.5

    48 reviews  ·  2 years ago

    I had heard great things about both the food and coffee at this place and they were all true. I had two brilliant coffees. A fantastic menu and such value for money. I love the long bench for takeaway customers to mingle around ... But i reckon this will become a favourite for me to linger longer... Read more

  • 8.5

    21 reviews  ·  6 months ago

    Great coffee, nice breakfast. Busy, but service was quite good.

    2 Short Macchiatos

  • 8.8

    19 reviews  ·  2 years ago

    Okay, 10/10 dbl ris pic Panama single this morning. Outstanding.

  • 8.8

    172 reviews  ·  2 years ago

    Believe the hype! Pourboy Espresso has a legitimate claim to having the best coffee in Brisbane City. I've been about 4 times now, and each time my coffee has been incredibly good. The Mecca Everyday Blend I usually take is robust in flavour, yet incredibly smooth. It's delicious! The milk... Read more

  • 8.8

    16 reviews  ·  7 months ago

    Usually opt for a takeaway long black but had time to sit and enjoy my coffee this time. Delicious coffee as always, had a smooth hint of citrus with the single origin on offer. A bit of a walk from my office but the friendly service and great coffee keep me coming back.

  • 8.5

    22 reviews  ·  11 months ago

    Excellent, well crafted coffee. Balanced body with a vibrant crema. Definitely worth dropping by!

  • 6.5

    55 reviews  ·  2 years ago

    Very friendly service. Coffee was nothing too exciting.

  • 8.5

    15 reviews  ·  2 years ago

    great ristretto on the ethiopian bean, well executed. Great food and supurb latte.
    The owner was very friendly and service was really good!

Brewing Methods

Espresso, Areopress, Pourover


Synesso Syncra



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Detailed Information

Name Pourboy Espresso
Address 26 Wharf Street, Brisbane CBD, Brisbane, Australia
Phone 07 3172 1141
Brewing Methods Espresso, Areopress, Pourover
Equipment Synesso Syncra
Beans Mecca
Opening Hours
Monday6:00am - 4:00pm
Tuesday6:00am - 4:00pm
Wednesday6:00am - 4:00pm
Thursday6:00am - 4:00pm
Friday6:00am - 4:00pm