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Barefoot Coffee Traders Cafe Reviews

Barefoot Coffee Traders

18 Whistler Street,Best coffee shop & cafe Manly, New South Wales 2093, Australia

Closed until 7:00am tomorrow


70 Reviews

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  • 7.5

    226 reviews  ·  4 weeks ago

    Had a few really good piccolos over two days. Service was excellent and it's a cute little fit out.

    2 Piccolos

  • 9.0

    17 reviews  ·  2 weeks ago

    I enjoyed the coffee from here, the guys know how to extract the best flavour from the beans. Coffee with passion is all we ask, thanks.

    2 Piccolos

  • 6.5

    4 reviews  ·  2 weeks ago

    Good coffee. True and creamy, good beans, well made. But only one size?? I needed a litre!!!!

  • 8.9

    3 reviews  ·  3 months ago

    A weird little place but they have tasty coffee :0)

  • 9.3

    2 reviews  ·  2 weeks ago

    Damn good coffee & service, I was at a conference down the road and made sure I bought my work mates back at first break! Keep up the good work.

    2 Long Blacks

  • 9.0

    78 reviews  ·  3 months ago

    Poor surf today so I opted for an early coffee instead. Just as well as my flat white was sublime. Rich, creamy and perfectly balanced with a truly delicious soft acidic finish.

    On fire!

  • 8.0

    300 reviews  ·  2 years ago

    A few months back I was trying to get to Manly Beach and stumbled across this place.

    Nice little fit out, good service.

    My cappuccino though - amazing. I got takeaway and sat on the beach. I still remember how great it tasted months later. They're definitely doing something right!

  • 8.0

    72 reviews  ·  1 year ago

    Coffee made with love. For an organic free trade blend this coffee was excellent.

  • 7.8

    59 reviews  ·  1 year ago

    Small and intimate. Nice friendly staff, easy to have a chat to. Clean shop and tidy space. Synesso looks sexy on the bench looking out to the street. Solid espresso!!! Flat white(which I rarely drink and was an 8oz. take away) was good. The milk drowned out the espresso a bit, but after... Read more

    1 Espresso, 1 Flat White

  • 9.5

    126 reviews  ·  3 years ago

    Fanatic for this place. Wish I could go more often. Baristas are awesome and the fresh homemade waffles with melted chocolate are to die for.

  • 8.5

    26 reviews  ·  1 year ago

    Great coffee and very yummy waffles, what else do you need for breakfast. It really is very good coffee in a cute little spot.

  • 6.0

    333 reviews  ·  3 years ago

    I had to look hard to find this place last time I was in Manly.
    It wasn't easy as I don't visit Manly often.
    However it was worth tracking it down.
    Now if I'm over that way again I won't have to worry about finding a good coffee.

  • 8.8

    23 reviews  ·  1 year ago

    Great little place. Probably seats 10 at the most. Worth dropping by if youre near by. The toby's is very bold and earthy. The milk was a touch too hot but I thoroughly enjoyed my flatwhite. Keep it up!

  • 8.8

    21 reviews  ·  8 months ago

    It’s not just about finding the right coffee spot that can produce what you like, it’s about delivering it. They’re small but they can produce big things, this month’s Costa Rican origin is one of my favourites. The aroma hits you before the first sip, a pleasant texture with fruits on the... Read more

    1 Long Black

  • 8.5

    60 reviews  ·  1 year ago

    Every time I've been to Manly and had a coffee from this place I've never been disappointed. Skilled baristas, lovely beans, magnificent coffee.

  • 9.3

    20 reviews  ·  3 months ago

    Been coming here a lot lately, the place just seems to get better, had a long black made with a guest roaster coffee from 'Mecca' which was faultless, crew behind the machine are always relaxed but friendly

  • 7.8

    25 reviews  ·  2 years ago

    Great coffee and by far the best I have found in Manly after many visits over several years. Consistently good but can vary with different barista's.

    1 Ristretto, 2 Lattes

  • 7.5

    25 reviews  ·  2 years ago

    We got directed to this, the new branch of Barefoot, by the barista in the original branch - they'd run out cold drip. The new place was a little hard to find - it is unsigned and we walked past it unknowing. It seems a lot posher and more formal than the original - staff in formal attire like... Read more

  • 6.8

    13 reviews  ·  3 months ago

    Friendly and cool place, but milky and couldn't even tell it was Tobys.

  • 6.5

    16 reviews  ·  3 years ago

    You really do have to hunt for a good coffee in sydney, not as easy to find as melbourne. Barefoot has a great little space and produce a decent cup. Good stuff guys, coffees well extracted and full of flavour, worth a second visit and I\'ll come back next time I\'m up from Melbourne.

  • 7.8

    39 reviews  ·  1 year ago

    Strong dark double shot piccolo latte made from a Synesso by a really knowledgeable friendly barista...... It doesn't get much better !

  • 5.8

    13 reviews  ·  1 year ago

    Too hot! Would make a more detailed review of flavours but my tongue is burnt and the single wall cup means i can only hold the cup by the lid!
    Once it cools it tastes average: not bad but not great, don't go out of your way for it. Beautiful coffee machine but probably not used to it's full extent.

  • 7.5

    66 reviews  ·  1 year ago

    Beans on fire service with a smile in near perfect location sorry it took me so long to rate

  • 9.0

    12 reviews  ·  1 year ago

    very nice coffee, beautiful resonance and aftertaste
    pocket sized rocket!!

    1 Skinny Flat White

  • 8.0

    5 reviews  ·  2 years ago

    Huge improvement over my last visit. Coffee was great and the Brazilian gent behind the machine has more than happy to talk coffee with us. Staff were welcoming unlike last time. New Synesso helps too.

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Name Barefoot Coffee Traders
Address 18 Whistler Street, Manly, Sydney, Australia
Beans Toby's Estate
Opening Hours
Monday7:00am - 4:30pm
Tuesday7:00am - 4:30pm
Wednesday7:00am - 4:30pm
Thursday7:00am - 4:30pm
Friday7:00am - 4:30pm
Saturday7:30am - 4:00pm
Sunday7:30am - 4:00pm