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#7 in Sydney
Top Cafe 2013

Bean Drinking Cafe Reviews

Bean Drinking

Shop 1, 13 Ernest Place,Best coffee shop & cafe Crows Nest, New South Wales 2065, Australia

Closed until 7:00am today

Facebook@BeanDrinkingWebsite+61 2 9436 1678

171 Reviews

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  • 9.5

    125 reviews  ·  1 month ago

    Two espressos plus shots of sparkling mineral water. This is how I remember it!

    2 Espressos

  • 8.3

    73 reviews  ·  2 months ago

    Had a spare 30 minutes to pop out of the city on my trip down South to Sydney and a local mate of mine broughte to this gold mine of a cafe.... The quality of coffee produced is nek level! Was depressed however that they had turned the Slayer off early in the day, but that was a minute thing... Read more

  • 8.6

    23 reviews  ·  1 month ago

    Very nice coffee, just the way I like!

    1 Cappuccino

  • 9.0

    40 reviews  ·  1 month ago

    on the run in and out . just what i needed..

    1 Doppio

  • 8.0

    28 reviews  ·  1 month ago

    Strong mocha was really delicious with beautiful latte art but service was really lacking... Spent $40 on food and coffees and didn't even get a single word spoken to us or even a smile from the girl behind the counter!

  • 7.0

    18 reviews  ·  4 weeks ago

    Good cafe fit out with roaster and brew bar attached. Haven't ever seen either used but good nevertheless. Coffee is highly acidic and sometimes odd but good milk texture and temp. Good experience!

    2 Cappuccinos

  • 6.8

    17 reviews  ·  1 month ago

    Returned with high expectations from last visit. Ordered Chai Masala tea and three hot chocolates in addition to my large soy latte. Disappointment 1: my mistake - last time ordered large hot choc which arrived with great flavour and wonderful 'latte art' in a bowl-sized cup, these regular hot... Read more

    1 Soy Latte

  • 7.8

    34 reviews  ·  2 months ago

    Coffee was nice, subtle flavours. Location was nice however it was noisy (in saying this it was lunch time). Service was friendly. Definitely keen to give the place another try as I feel like my coffee fell a little short.

  • 7.5

    7 reviews  ·  1 month ago

    Not bad, service was good, coffee was a lacking a bit of depth, good atmosphere and location

    1 Latte

  • 8.3

    9 reviews  ·  1 week ago

    Fantastic coffee - Tried a flat white and espresso on a day trip up north. Nice looking outfit, but despite this lacked any vibe at all. Micro roaster on site. Was too wired to go the slayer. I did get a bag of single origin beans (pricey, though) - despite seeming quite lightly roasted, went well... Read more

    1 Espresso, 1 Flat White

  • 5.0

    2 reviews  ·  1 week ago

    Consistently decent coffee, but the service and personality of the staff is so dull and boring and for me that's what makes a good cafe. There is no ambience or vibe. Unless I wanted some quiet alone time to myself I wouldn't come here. Boring.

  • 9.0

    4 reviews  ·  2 days ago

    Great cafe! I loved the unusual menu and the coffee shot with sparkling water. We also ate breakfast here which was great. Will 100% visit again—the best coffee we've had in Crows Nest.

    2 Long Blacks

  • 7.8

    1 review  ·  1 month ago

    Coffee, food & atmosphere certainly met my expectations after reading some great reviews on this place - only negative was the eternity it took to receive our food. Will definitely be back though ...

    2 Lattes

  • 10

    1 review  ·  1 month ago

    Just simply put.... AWESOME!!

  • 7.5

    300 reviews  ·  9 months ago

    Nice setup. They've got all of the best equipment. My brother and I had their single from Kenya (can't recall the name) as an espresso. It wasn't so bad. It felt a little like it had separated though. The crema was so thick (brother mentioned something about mud), that it left the rest of the... Read more

    1 Espresso, 1 Pour Over

  • 9.8

    333 reviews  ·  11 months ago

    It's been way too long since my last visit.

    Nothing's changed.

    Great coffee! Great Food! Great Service!

    1 Flat White

  • 9.0

    77 reviews  ·  4 months ago

    With the office pretty quiet it felt a bit like Christmas Eve so I took the opportunity to head to my favorite local. Had a seriously good FW and a stimulating chat on all things coffee with Keith, the owner. Came away with a whole lot more knowledge...and a delicious acidic 'zing' on the sides of... Read more

  • 8.3

    126 reviews  ·  2 years ago

    Double latte was great and mini passionfruit cake was nomnom.

  • 8.8

    36 reviews  ·  4 months ago

    Once again a fantastic experience. Staff were friendly and the coffee was great.

    1 Flat White, 1 Espresso

  • 10

    58 reviews  ·  2 years ago

    Always brilliant in all respects

  • 9.3

    57 reviews  ·  8 months ago

    Just as great as the previous visit. Coffee and food superb!👍

  • 8.5

    67 reviews  ·  2 years ago

    Great staff. Great place. Awesome coffee

  • 8.5

    40 reviews  ·  1 year ago

    Great coffee vibe and great coffee. Food looks pretty decent too.

  • 5.0

    65 reviews  ·  1 year ago

    Have had a couple of coffees here and I've 'bean thinking' this place is for the coffee drinker who likes a pungent, acidic, punchy after taste type of espresso. I wouldn't go here by choice as it's not a coffee I enjoy and prefer some of the other quality cafes in the area. However credit for... Read more

    2 Lattes

  • 7.3

    33 reviews  ·  9 months ago

    had a pour over (good) and espresso (average)

    the single origin espresso (pulled on a slayer!) was very muddy. not impressed at all

Brewing Methods

, , , , , , , , , Batch Brew, Cold Drip, Sparkling Cold Drip, Hario V60 Pourover, Slayer Espresso, Syphon


5kg Batch roaster on-site

HARIO Retailer

Slayer & Synesso


Blends & Single Origins available on bar.

Retail & Wholesale beans (Espresso & Filter) avail. (Roastworks Coffee Co.)

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Detailed Information

Name Bean Drinking
Address Shop 1, 13 Ernest Place, Crows Nest, Sydney, Australia
Phone +61 2 9436 1678
Twitter @BeanDrinking
Brewing Methods , , , , , , , , , Batch Brew, Cold Drip, Sparkling Cold Drip, Hario V60 Pourover, Slayer Espresso, Syphon
Equipment , 5kg Batch roaster on-site, , HARIO Retailer, , , Slayer & Synesso, ,
Beans Blends & Single Origins available on bar., , , Retail & Wholesale beans (Espresso & Filter) avail., , , (Roastworks Coffee Co.), ,
Opening Hours
Monday7:00am - 6:00pm
Tuesday7:00am - 6:00pm
Wednesday7:00am - 6:00pm
Thursday7:00am - 6:00pm
Friday7:00am - 6:00pm
Saturday7:00am - 6:00pm
Sunday7:00am - 6:00pm