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#12 in Newcastle
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estabar Cafe Reviews


Shop 1, 61 Shortland Esp,Best coffee shop & cafe Newcastle, New South Wales 2300, Australia

Closed until 6:30am today

Facebook(02) 4927 1222

43 Reviews

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  • 6.3

    59 reviews  ·  1 year ago

    Was at this cafe yesterday afternoon. I was surprised to say the least. My espresso was well made: balanced complexity left a synergistic coffee; not too acidic, bitter or sweet. I didn't ask about their coffee supplier, but it was good coffee to say the least. I had some scrambled eggs on... Read more

    1 Espresso

  • 5.7

    45 reviews  ·  5 months ago

    It's been a while since my last visit, my first cup was very weak and bitter so asked for a double shot, it was slightly better but still bitter. All is forgiven though when you have the view and that gelato.

  • 5.5

    40 reviews  ·  1 year ago

    Awesome atmosphere, right opposite beach. The coffee promised goodness, single origin on offer - Sidamo but was not amazing. It was too hot and too big. Improved on cooling down.

    1 Piccolo

  • 8.0

    118 reviews  ·  2 years ago

    Sipping on my coffee while waiting for my breakfast to come, coffee is great, think I'll have to order another with my breakfast.. Very popular cafe on a perfect sunny day over looking Newcastle beach.

  • 8.8

    17 reviews  ·  1 year ago

    It's always the place that aren't really noticed that have the best coffee, service and atmosphere. When I went in knowone was in there so I got my order in a flash. I have been many times since and love it there.

    1 Ristretto

  • 8.5

    33 reviews  ·  2 years ago

    One of my favorites, the staff are efficient and friendly and the coffee is reliable even in peak hour. I won't even start on the atmosphere and the view... phwoar

    1 Espresso, 1 Cappuccino

  • 6.3

    40 reviews  ·  2 years ago

    ehh not so good coffee staled beans (or ground not sure) they use exactly the same rigs as single origin in surry hills so the problem lies to the one behind those gears I never try single origin's house blend though nice atmosphere swarm by local all the time a luv to the bar counter gazing to... Read more

  • 8.8

    19 reviews  ·  1 year ago

    Had an amazing Rawandan coffee ristretto here on Thursday, was up there with my top ten!
    Love this place, the food is the best!

  • 7.5

    12 reviews  ·  9 months ago

    Nice coffee, great location and friendly service

  • 4.3

    11 reviews  ·  1 year ago

    Great view, over priced, bad service. Coffee was bitter and I chose to leave it and people-watch instead of finishing it. You're better grabbing a coffee from somewhere else and going for a walk on the beach instead.

    1 Piccolo

  • 7.5

    9 reviews  ·  11 months ago

    Nice view, a little bit noisy next to the road but good coffee

  • 6.3

    6 reviews  ·  2 years ago

    Nice coffee from Single Origin, good brekky, awesome location in summer.

  • 6.5

    21 reviews  ·  2 years ago

    Nice coffee although i think the cups to big for it as i like strong coffee and always have a double shot, this would need a 3rd shot for make it to my strength, great selection of gelato tho and great views of newcastle beach

    1 Latte

  • 6.3

    6 reviews  ·  9 months ago

    If you are on the beach and need caffeine - FAST - then this place will give you a decent fix. The gelato is better than the coffee. You will find significantly better coffee if you wander a little further into the city.

  • 7.5

    5 reviews  ·  1 year ago

    Awesome coffee and the girls are not, friendly and keen to serve. Meals small and lack that extra touch yet a homely and good. Small space not suited to groups. A couple on iPads etc when I was in there. Ill be back

  • 5.0

    9 reviews  ·  1 year ago

    Over priced very ordinary coffee. Nice spot though.

  • 6.0

    22 reviews  ·  2 years ago

    Absolute best location for coffee in Newcastle. Food is good. Coffee is average. If they could churn out great coffee I would move into to the joint.

    1 Skinny Flat White

  • 8.8

    12 reviews  ·  3 months ago

    Very impressed with this Cafe. Ordered a long black and was served very quickly. The atmosphere was fantastic, Fantastic quality coffee! Really enjoyable! Staff were very friendly!

    And as a bonus you get a beautiful ocean view.

  • 9.5

    4 reviews  ·  7 months ago

    Such a great spot, and that has nothing to do with the fact I've never had a bad coffee! Some much attention to blend and extraction, a must visit in Newcastle!

  • 8.0

    5 reviews  ·  9 months ago

    Finished off my day whale watching or should I say whale seeking. Lovely and cosy, great staff and a solid brew. There'll be no sleeping tonight.

    1 Long Macchiato

  • 9.0

    6 reviews  ·  10 months ago

    Great coffee. Great views. Great local sourced food. Friendly staff. Sometimes a little busy especially on a sunny weekend.

  • 6.0

    5 reviews  ·  1 year ago

    Great place to hang out

    1 Mocha

  • 7.3

    7 reviews  ·  1 year ago

    Love this cafe. Right on the beach, sick vibes and delish coffee.

  • 8.8

    19 reviews  ·  1 year ago

    My favourite place in Newcastle to just sit and take in the views and the atmosphere. Coffee is delish. Staff are the friendliest in town. Exceptional spot.

  • 6.3

    9 reviews  ·  1 year ago

    This is a great little place for half okay coffee. They kind of have a clue as to the coffee world but fall short with a bitter edge of inconsistency. I suppose for the time they spend making my coffee, the final result is lacking. Likewise for the rich quality of the "single origin" beans i... Read more

Brewing Methods



Single Origin - custom blend

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Detailed Information

Name estabar
Address Shop 1, 61 Shortland Esp, Newcastle, Newcastle, Australia
Phone (02) 4927 1222
Brewing Methods
Beans Single Origin - custom blend
Opening Hours
Monday6:30am - 6:00pm
Tuesday6:30am - 6:00pm
Wednesday6:30am - 6:00pm
Thursday6:30am - 6:00pm
Friday6:30am - 6:00pm
Saturday6:30am - 6:00pm
Sunday6:30am - 6:00pm